Yeah, nah: Monteith’s is letting its unsatisfied beer drinkers trade in their brews

To ensure beer and cider lovers find the perfect bevvy to suit their tastes, Monteith’s is offering a ‘beer back guarantee’ for this month only, where unsatisfied customers can trade in their brew for one that pleases the taste buds. And to promote the initiative, it’s released an ad featuring a very unsatisfied-satisfied customer via Colenso BBDO.

The campaign’s TVC features a guy taking a sip of a Monteith’s beer, before letting out a satisfying “Ahhh” and viewing the beer with admiration before saying “Nah”, and asking to try another.

A Monteith’s release says the purpose of the campaign is to encourage people to expand their horizons and their repertoire, by exploring Monteith’s full range of beers and ciders.

“Try something from our range, and if it’s not quite to your taste, we’ll replace it with another Monteith’s brew of your choice. And with over 20 beers and ciders in the Monteith’s range to choose from, the fellas are so sure you’ll find one you like, they’ll guarantee it,” say Monteith’s Tony, Pixie and Paul.

If punters buy any Monteith’s 500 ml bottle six or 12 pack, drink one bottle, and decide it’s not for them, they can claim a replacement Monteith’s product by going to the website, the release says.

Purchasers will need to follow a validation process, making sure to include proof of purchase, and the Monteith’s team will send a voucher for a different Monteith’s brew of the buyer’s choosing.

Or, if the hop thirsty find themselves at a participating bar (over 110 across New Zealand), try a Monteith’s tap beer or cider and drink down no further than the line on the Monteith’s logo on the goblet, they can choose another Monteith’s beer or cider that’s available on tap.

However, we imagine Monteith’s is hoping customers won’t abuse the privilege quite as much as the protagonist in its ad.

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