Work Communications gets up close and personal with the Kia Sorento

Extreme close-ups can cause everyday items to look virtually unrecognisable as the characterising details are magnified under the photographer’s lens. And this serves as a reminder that though these tiny details might not be immediately apparent to the naked eye it doesn’t mean that they don’t exist.  

So, in an effort to draw attention to the design details that went into the new Kia Sorento, Work Communications has launched a new spot that gives viewers a close-up look at the various sections of the vehicle’s bodywork.     

“It was important to get across the incredible amount of work that’s gone into the design of the all new  2015 Sorento, says Kia marketing manager Dan Stowers. There’s a real sense of achievement handing this vehicle over to a new owner to take it on a whole new journey of its own.”

The TVC is the first in a new series that the agency has launched as part of Kia’s campaign for the new model of the SUV.

Creative director Marco Ermerins says the two-day shoot incorporated some special camera techniques.

“To be able to convey the amazing attention to detail we got right in and shot it macro, showing us some details that you may overlook or not notice normally.”

A similar approach has also previously been used by artist Pyanek to give viewers an entirely new perspective on everyday items. Under the intense zoom of his lens, a grain of salt becomes a diamond, a teabag turns into mass of nylon threads and an incense stick becomes an unforgiving landscape.   


And while the new Kia spot isn’t quite as flabbergasting as Pyanek’s experiments, it will be interesting to see how the upcoming TVCs in the series take advantage of reality-twisting potential of macro photography. 

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