A promise that can’t be erased

When running an election campaign, there seems to be no limit to what politicians can achieve. The throw out promises to the people like Pablo Escobar threw out cash to the poor. But then, once the votes have been cast, the promises dry up. And in lieu of hyperbolic pledges to improve a society, you have countless excuses about why more can’t be done. Generally, when a product doesn’t live up to its promise, you can take it back and ask for a replacement or your money back. But the same doesn’t apply to politicians. Except in the worst cases, you’re stuck with a decision (which might not even be yours) for the entire political term.

So, in an effort to hold politicians accountable to their words, a cheeky Canadian tattoo parlour called MTL has launched a campaign offering a free tattoo to politicians willing to ink their campaign promises to their flesh.  

Social media has been shown time and time again to have the ability to apply political pressure, and for this reason MTL has also launched a #inkyourpromise, giving the public the opportunity to make a unified call for politician to get serious about their promises. 

And some members of the online community are already preemptively responding to some of the excuses politicians might serve up. 

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