Women Who Lead: In conversation with Motion Sickness head of strategy Hilary Ngan Kee (watch)

In the first of a series highlighting the vibrant women in New Zealand business doing great things in their respective fields, we profile Hilary Ngan Kee, the head of strategy and a director at award-winning agency Motion Sickness. Ngan Kee flies more under the radar than the other two heads at the agency, founder and creative director Sam Stuchbury and partner and digital head Alex McManus, but opens up about what it’s like to be a woman who leads in an honest conversation with Idealog editor Elly Strang. Here, she talks Motion Sickness’ untraditional route into the advertising industry, what she brings to the table as a woman in a leadership position alongside Stuchbury and McManus, impostor syndrome, her hopes for the next generation of workers coming through and why you shouldn’t tie your worth to your professional achievements.  

Video shot and edited by Ben Whorwood.

Women Who Lead is a series produced by Idealog that shines a light on emerging women executives and CEOs across a dynamic range of industries, from tech, to design, to retail, to marketing and advertising. This video series showcases honest and imperfect conversations about what it’s like to be a woman in business in New Zealand by discussing both the exciting aspects, as well as the difficulties faced. It is intended to be a palette cleanser from the hyper-feminised coverage of women in business that has been a staple of recent times. 

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