ANZ discovers a new strain of Muphry’s Law

Banks aren’t generally renowned for the clarity of their language. Some cynics might even argue that they’re intentionally confusing. So it’s commendable that ANZ, which relied on pretty simple messaging and big media spend to let New Zealand know about the ‘merger’ with National Bank, won a few more Plain Language Awards recently. But, in what could be seen as a new strand of Muphry’s Law, where you inevitably make a mistake when criticising someone’s writing, it’s certainly not commendable to promote a post on Facebook with so many basic errors in it. Or is it a bad joke about reading like a ten-year-old that just made them look a bit thick? 

Plain language is where its at!Thats why we are wrapt to that our OnePath Life & Living Insurance policy document has…

Posted by ANZ New Zealand on Sunday, November 29, 2015

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