Who’s the fairest of them all? Panasonic’s comparative campaign puts pressure on the professionals

Amateurs regularly seem to think they can foot it with the big boys. Usually they can’t, but technology is helping even things up a bit and Panasonic and Auckland digital shop Tango have launched a cool interactive campaign/social experiment to see if the new Lumix cameras do as they claim and allow anyone to shoot like a pro. 

Youtube VideoIdentical G-Series cameras were given to a top—and, unsurprisingly, anonymous—professional photographer (who is thought to have been raised by wolves and can’t grow any body hair) and a pair of rank amateurs and the public decided whose was best. Both the professional and the amateurs were given the same ten briefs and the same deadline to deliver their best shots.

The pairs of shots are being displayed online at lumixproam.co.nz for six weeks, and visitors get to pick their favourites and see as they go along who they’ve sided with (and go into the draw to win a camera for their trouble). Once they’ve checked out all ten pairs, visitors get to see a running campaign score and, at last count, the amateurs were caning the pro by 31,000 to 24,000.

Tango’s Joel Frost says the campaign has picked up a huge amount of social media coverage, which is really exciting. And James Smith, Panasonic New Zealand’s promotions and advertising manager, says action on the site is exceeding all projections.

“Saying these cameras rock—and they do—is one thing. Tango’s solution proves it, and we couldn’t be happier with the result,” he says.

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