Tangible puts itself in the hunt

Continuing Tangible Media’s strategy of special issues and brand extensions seen with the likes of NZ Weddings Planner, Everyday Dish and NZ Rugby World’s First XV, next in line is the hunting market. 

Publisher John Baker says the new annual publication called NZ Hunting World will complement Tangible’s other leading male titles NZ Fishing World and NZ Rugby World. 

“The love of the outdoors and the thrill of the chase underpin the engagement our readers have with NZ Fishing World. Research tells us that they also like to hunt, and in large numbers,” he says. “We believe there is a gap in the market for us to apply our award-winning editorial and design capability to the hunting category. We also have well established distribution channels across supermarkets, oil chains and bookstores.”

The publication will provide readers with the tips and information to help them bag their quarry (helped along with the knowledge of mad keen hunter and sales manager Mathew Hewetson) and will also include a strong focus on new products and technology to assist hunters in the field.

The title will go on sale in March 2013 through to May 2013 when the prime deer roar lures hunters to the bush and duck shooters set up their mai mais.

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