Who needs limes?

You might be wondering why Justin Timberlake is dressed up as a giant lime in a recent commercial. Well, it’s because he has founded his own tequila blend in partnership with Sauza Tequila called Sauza 901 and subsequently stars in an E True Hollywood story-styled mockumentary about the sad state of limes after the triple distilled liquor hits the shelves. 

Ahh yes limes, those delicious zesty not-too-sour, not-too-sweet overpriced gifts of the earth that maketh the gin and tonic among other alcoholic beverages, like tequila, it would seem.

Well, with Timberlake’s new tequila apparently “no limes are needed” because of its smooth finish. As a result, limes, which once had a symbiotic relationship with tequila, are rendered obsolete in this documentary parody where the high and mighty hit rock bottom.

In the clip limes are living the high life. They’re wanted in every club, at every bar but as soon as Sauza 901 hits the shelves, no one wants limes anymore. And one of the saddest limes Rick “sour” Vane, played by Justin Timberlake, reflects upon his glory days as he sits in front of a neglected pool in his rundown estate. His once vibrantly green skin now has that mottled pigmentation that limes get when they’re left alone for a bit too long.

A subsequent clip has been released on Sauza 901’s website where the founder of the drink (Timberlake) discusses how there are still many uses for limes, as he hits at them with his pool cue, uses them for mini golf and then as pen holders. Poor limes.

According to Forbes, Timberlake first launched the product back in 2009, after working with the Tequilera Newton distillery in Jalisco, Mexico. In 2012, Timberlake and his co-founder Kevin Ruder took home a gold medal from the esteemed San Francisco World Spirits Competition, and now it would seem he’s focussing on the growth and marketing of the product. 

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