Warriors and Kiwi Dave learn how to play burger for Wendy’s

Wendy’s has tapped into technology developed at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for the promotion of the return of the Big Kahuna burger. 

In a new spot developed by Image Centre-owned ad agency &Some, several Warriors players are shown playing music by tapping the ingredients, which usually go into the product. This bizarre occurence is only possible because of the MaKey MaKey technology, which allows users to turn everyday objects into touchpads for playing music.  

“We came across the MaKey MaKey online,” says Wendy’s marketing manager Joanne Hall. “They used bananas to make music and we’ve taken it a step further by showing how our fresh quality ingredients can be used to make great sounds.”    

Launched on Sunday 15 February, the TVC features Konrad Hurrell, Bodene Thompson, Suaia Matagi and Raymond Faitala-Mariner demonstrating how ‘fresh beats’ can be made using pineapple, lettuce and a beef patty.

The musical troupe then refers viewers to the ‘Fresh Beats’ microsite, which gives users a chance to make their own songs by dragging the ingredients into a timeline, which then plays the various sound effects in order. Users who share their songs will then also be in with a chance to a range of prizes.      

While the Warriors play a big role in the TVC, hip hop artist King Kapisi is the face of the microsite, and also features in some behind-the-scenes footage in which he teaches customers, the league players and Kiwi Dave how to use the unconventional instruments.

“[King Kapisi] was able to help coach some great sounds out of the burger and the guys, but also contributed some really good ideas to the campaign,” says Hall.

Despite being slightly out of his instrument comfort zone, Kapisi, who will be releasing a new album in the next few months, says he enjoyed the experience. 

“Some of the younger ones were so funny,” he says. “I overheard one say ‘Dad I can’t believe you can hit buns and get beats!”’ and another say she was going to learn how to play the burger.”


Client: Wendy’s NZ
Agency: &Some
Creative Director: Andrew Nalder
Senior Account Manager: Sarah Ritchie
Producer: Cat Kay
Director: Clinton Phillips
Production Assistant: Melinda Jackson
Music: King Kapisi
Camera: Gregoire Aubourg
Gaffer: Adrian Greshoff and Sam Marshall
Sound: Teepz Rogers
Make-up:  Carron Wells
Art Dept: Donna Hanson and Bryony Matthew
Food Stylists: Chris Storer and Jo Bridgford
Editor: Dave Filoialli
Voiceover: King Kapisi

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