The Warehouse harnesses second screening, lets the public in on its challenge campaign

With mobile devices practically fused to modern hands these days, dual screening is becoming increasingly popular—and broadcasters and advertisers are acknowledging that shift, with The Warehouse and DDB joining the fray in the local market by offering viewers of the TVC a chance to win some of the items featured in it. 

DDB says it’s The Warehouse’s first dual screening idea and probably one of the first scalable dual screen promos done in New Zealand. It launched the latest ad on Tuesday with 11 spots and it received 750 entries through the playtowin.co.nz website, which it says was a great result.

According to a Nielsen survey of connected device owners in the US, “nearly half of smartphone owners (46%) and tablet owners (43%) said they use their devices as second screens while watching TV every day. And more than two-thirds of tablet and smartphone owners said they used these second screens multiple times a week during Q1 2013.”

So if consumers are using second screens while watching TV, are they using them merely as distractions? Or are they using these second screens to engage more deeply with what they’re watching? The answer is both. Among tablet owners, general Web searches (76%) and general Web browsing (68%) are still among the top second-screen activities. But consumers are also using second screens for activities that are directly related to the content they’re viewing, as almost half of tablet owners look up information about what they’re watching.

More than half of smartphone and tablet owners visited a social networking site while watching TV, and at least one-fifth spent time reading social media discussions about the program they were viewing. Many more tablet owners than smartphone owners used their second screens to interact with the show (13%) or to post about it (13%). Some multi-screen users even said they watched a program because of something they read in social media; about 15 percent of tablet users responded this way.

Overall, smartphone users spend an average of nine hours each month accessing social media just from their phone, while tablet owners use these devices for social media an average of four hours each month, according to the Q1 2013 Cross-Platform Report.

Nielsen’s recent survey of connected device owners also found that 20 percent of tablet owners said they use their device to shop for what was being advertised on TV, providing advertisers another opportunity to connect with consumers.

And The Guardian looked at a few different studies for this piece

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