Wake up and smell the bacon: Beehive gets real in new outdoor campaign

Beehive bacon is telling it like it is in a cheeky campaign by Contagion that points out the absurdities of life.

Featuring jokes about “vegan fry-ups”, mixed-age couples and Sky subscriptions, the outdoor, bus and digital campaign taps into a variety of different scenarios though some are more contentious than others. There’s the innocent “Woohoo! I just won the Nigerian State lottery” to the more controversial “There’s an innocent reason he deletes his browser history”.

As well as those pre-determined lines, being digital the campaign can respond to the news cycle, an ability on display in its play on US president Donald Trump meeting North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. 

“We couldn’t feel safer” the video reads.

Beehive managing director Dene McKay says the campaign is fitting to the notion that bacon shouldn’t change, what you see is what you get.

“Bacon doesn’t try to be anything it isn’t, it’s not politically correct, but it is irresistibly honest. We wanted to take this thought of being irresistibly honest and get it across in a way that would get kiwis talking.”

Contagion CEO and founder Dean Taylor adds with the brand being for ‘real’ Kiwis, it wanted the tone of voice to reflect that.

It’s a similar approach to Tui’s ‘Yeah Right’ campaign and for those who see the similarities, Taylor says it should feel familiar.

“Tui lived in this space for years and now we’re tying a saying that’s firmly part of the kiwi vernacular to a brand that is too. Many brands are preaching at us about lifestyle or special ingredients. This work aims to be honest and have a point of view.”


Creatives: Todd McCracken, Bridget Taylor and Nael Shureih
Planning: Dean Taylor
Account management: Victoria O‘Neil and Violet Hong
Media planning: Renee Fox and Vanessa Williams

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