Vogel’s finds the bright side of a power cut

Vogel’s is showing the lengths Kiwis will go to for their Vogel’s in a new campaign by The Enthusiasts.

Featuring a hero 60-second spot, the campaign watches as power cut interrupts a man’s breakfast. Distraught at the idea of not getting his Vogel’s, the man runs through the streets in search of an operational toaster.

Simon Cheape, head of category marketing for bread at Goodman Fielder says the work “focuses on the emotional side of the brand through the incredible connection that New Zealanders have with Vogel’s”.

Directed by Oliver Green of Flying Fish, with sound by Liquid Studios, the piece retains Chris Knox seminal Kiwi classic ‘Not given lightly’, which has long been associated with the brand.

Martin Yeoman, strategic partner at the Enthusiasts, says at the heart of Vogel’s is the idea that nothing compares, that nothing else will do.

“Those that love Vogel’s will go to ridiculous lengths to enjoy it.”


Client: Goodman Fielder
Creative: The Enthusiasts
Production: Flying Fish
Director: Oliver Green
Sound: Liquid
Media: MBM

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