Vodafone ventures into the origins of ‘hello’ to win Colmar Brunton October Ad Impact Award

Ahead of the festive holiday campaigns rolled out in November and December, October saw a flurry of new brand ads hit our screens, and of the several ads Colmar Brunton had New Zealanders evaluate, Vodafone’s ‘Hello’ campaign came out on top.

The ad saw Vodafone venture back in time to tell the story of ‘hello’ and all the different ways —both verbal and nonverbal — there are to say it including kia ora, writing, typing, kissing a hand and hooting.

As the ad nears the modern world, Vodafone shows all the ways its technology can help people say ‘hello’ to their loved ones no matter the distance. It even looks into the not-so-distant future of TVs greeting their owners when they return home and people interacting with robots.

The ad marked a rebrand for Vodafone but it wasn’t all unfamiliar territory for the audience as several distinctive brand assets, including Piggy Sue and the red and white logo colours, are seen throughout. 

While the broader campaign was developed by WPP agencies MEC, Santo, Brand Union and Kantar, the local version includes a few elements introduced by FCB.

According to Colmar Brunton, Kiwis found the ad to be enjoyable, possibly thanks to the catchy music and the fact it contains different information to other ads for telecommunication providers.

Colmar Brunton added the creative demonstrates that Vodafone meets the public’s need for this industry.

While there could only be one winner, this month there’s a runner-up and that goes to ASB’s ‘True Rewarden’ campaign by With Collective.

The ad features Rachel House as the ‘True Rewarden’ whose job it is to get Kiwis to earn and spend True Rewards. It shows her travelling across New Zealand to stop shoppers who are not redeeming their True Rewards.

Colmar Brunton says it’s a highly enjoyable ad that makes the public love ASB.

“It does a great job to deliver credible and relevant news. Lastly, this advertisement manages to create an appeal for the brand, leaving Kiwis more likely to go with ASB in the future.”

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