Vision Thing and Wield introduce ‘Spreader Stories’ to reduce lockdown breaching

Vision Thing and Wield have teamed up to bring an animated series of videos to encourage New Zealanders to play their part in the fight against Covid-19.

Although the majority of us are abiding by the lockdown rules, there is still a percentage of people breaching them. With several prosecutions and many warnings handed out, Vision Thing and Wield have decided to create ‘Spreader Stories’, short videos that call out the inconsiderate ways that people are putting others at risk.

The videos feature an animated COVID-19 virus who is delighted to be able to infect beach goers, parties and open homes. Voiced by celebrities Dai Henwood and Antonia Prebble, the videos each consist of a light hearted humour, yet reinforce the serious message, to stay home.

“I am stoked to be involved with an awesome project which can help raise some awareness around what not to do in the lockdown,” Henwood says.

Prebble continues, “It is so important that people follow the social distancing and self-isolation rules that have been set out by the government. Communicating those messages in a light-hearted, humorous manner can be a great way for people to take them on board and remember them.”

As long as the breaching of lockdown rules continues, so will the Spreader Stories videos.

“We’re not big fans of this COVID-19 pandemic. This is our way of helping to fight the spread of the virus and making people think twice about breaching it,” says Ian and Dom from Vision Thing.

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