Vespa: the answer to traffic woes

Apart from perhaps property prices and the coffee quality, there is no topic that Aucklanders discuss with more passion than the state of our congested roads. And we aren’t alone in our slow plight from A to B. It turns out that Ecuadorians also spend far more time than they’d like to stuck staring at annoying bumper stickers and personalised bumper stickers.

So, in an effort to show drivers that they have an alternative to breathing in exhaust fumes for hours a day, Vespa has released a clever campaign via Y&R Ecuador that feeds an ad onto the Waze navigation app, telling drivers how much faster they would reach their destination if they were on two wheels.    

While the campaign certainly does make the point that it might be time for drivers to invest in an alternative mode of transport, it will probably also contribute to road rage levels—because let’s face it, there’s nothing quite as annoying as watching motorcyclists effortlessly weave their way through traffic. And knowing that they are reaching their destinations about three days before you do makes it all so much worse.      

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