Upwardly mobile: marcomms proven to be way trendier than other sectors

Usually our bragging is completely unfounded and based entirely on lies. But not this time: Nielsen has shown that StopPress is still at the top of the table when it comes to the percentage of visitors who have used a mobile phone to access the internet for the month of July. And, by extension, it would seem that you tech-savvy information hounds obviously have your hands on the lentils/fingers on the pulse when it comes to mobile usage.  You can check out our mobile site (and read about last year’s gloating) here.

Speaking of gloating, the StopPress nerds all had nerdgasms recently when The Guardian’s fourth most powerful man on the internet, Jason Kottke, linked to this story about Colenso’s new ladder-related tomfoolery for V. OMG! HEART! indeed.

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