Vend swerves happy hipsters to break startup video mould

It was all hands on deck at Vend’s recently-opened Auckland office as it made its new introductory video. The point of sale startup rolled out green bodysuits, white baubled nappies to represent the cloud, hardhats, a bra, balloons, a confetti canon, a customer, actors, almost every Kiwi staffer and even a baby for the shoot.

As well as the company’s home page, the video is on Vend’s YouTube channel.

“We didn’t really have a video that introduced everything about the world of Vend,” says manager of content and PR Simon Pound. “We’ve had others that do particular jobs — they’re about the loyalty programme or the iPad features, but this is the first to give a comprehensive overview of what Vend does and gives the character and colour of Vend.”

The company wanted to avoid the cliches typically seen in startup introduction videos, like happy hipsters and and clever cartoons. “A major goal was to show there are real humans ready and waiting to help,” Pound says. “A lot of this technology is amazing and cool and it’s hard to show that.

“We wanted to avoid the prevailing animation and graphic style. It’s very clean and sterile. We wanted something that shows that extra effort and the work we give to make what we do.”

Director Sally Tran created a continuous action style clip rather than using lots of edits. The final shot that showered confetti and streamers on an assembly of staff was shot in an hour and a half, says Pound.

The baby that stars in the video is a twin belonging to chief marketing officer Nick Houldsworth, the company’s first employee.

Vend will also share the clip with its network of partners and resellers.

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