US walking! Car hipsters! Fishy celebration! Meat turtles! Medley! Robot unicorns!

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An amazing stop-motion stroll across America captured using a Canon 5D camera. Dreamed up by Peter Cote, director Sam Griffith and the Conscious Minds Productions crew, they approached Levi’s jeans for sponsorship and products to use during the shoot and set out on the mission on 17 June in New York, finishing up on 1 July 1 in San Francisco. And you can find out a bit more about the project here.

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Look at all those hipsters in that car. And look at all these hipsters on this website.

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The football celebration that some celebratory football experts believe could be the world’s best ever.

Fun with meat; combining all the best bits from Now 75 into one glorious musical medley; and, to honour the rise of the online game in the world of marketing, here’s one with Robotic Unicorns.

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