Typo heaven

They say anyone who lives inside glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. But what would ‘they’ know. So, in honour of petty pedants everywhere—and with a healthy dose of there but for the grace of God go us—here are a few entertaining/head smacking typos we’ve noticed recently. 

Alright, who gave the proof-reading duties to the Dutch? 

Bonita fixed one of its apostrophe errors after we pointed it out in this story about its recent rebrand, but one apostrophe sin remains in place (as does the little problem with samba being a Brazilian dance). 

A Freudian typo if ever there was one. 

Someone’s getting the cane for this one in the Herald. 

Schoolyard tactics. 

Fear Factor in Riverhead.  

First it was ‘drizzled with jus’. Now it’s severed with bread (here’s how you can make your own high-end restaurant menu). 

And for all you typo fans who simply can’t get enough, here’s a massive selection. And here are some permanent tattoo typos

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