Two boozy worlds collide in March ORCA

None of the entrants for the March round of the Orca awards were deemed good enough to take the prize, but the judges handed out two merit certificates for two campaigns with very different alcohol messages for Crafty Beggars and the Health Promotion Agency (nee ALAC).

Over at DDB, Rory McKechnie and Adam Thompson’s ’Beer Insurance’ campaign for Lion’s Crafty Beggars, which angered a few aficionados for its ‘craft beer you can actually drink’ slogan, offered listeners “all inclusive coverage for their stupidity” should their beer get spilt, smashed, stolen, cursed, contaminated or kidnapped. 

Read all about the terms and conditions of the world’s first fully-insured beer, a savvy promotion that asks for excuses and sends out free beer to the good ones, on the Facebook page. It also hand-draws those excuses, which makes for some good Facebook content. 

And at DraftFCB, Kevin Walker and Melina Fiolitakis had a more sobering ‘ease up on the drink’ message from ALAC (now known as the Health Promotion Agency), in a campaign that followed three nights out, from first drink to drunken mishap.

No ORCA = no cash prizes, so the money rolls over and jackpots at $1000 next month, which is the last round of the ORCA year (closing 15 April).  

Both teams now go through to compete in the Grande ORCAs on Wednesday 15 May. 


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