TVNZ breaks champagne on new Ondemand hovercraft

While all the talk in broadcasting land is about Sky and TVNZ’s Igloo, TVNZ has just announced the arrival of a new addition to its OnDemand family called Ad Hover, “a dynamic, customisable and fully interactive advertising opportunity” created in conjunction with DraftFCB that aims to give viewers a more engaging and immersive video experience and claims to significantly up the brand recall measures for advertisers. 

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Stream views on TVNZ’s Ondemand reached 1,780,015 in July this year, an increase of 35 percent on the previous month, and unique viewers also increased by 28 percent. MediaWorks and iSky are also luring more and more punters to their ondemand platforms, so the eyeballs are certainly there for the advertisers.

Of course, hovering ads aren’t new. They’re all over YouTube and most of the time they’re pretty bloody annoying. But, just like its Ad on Pause and Ad Selector offerings, it does increase the potential interaction between viewer and advertiser.

New World has already used it successfully for its New World Cup campaign and BMW is doing the same with a call to action message sitting over its video ad. 36 percent of viewers have interacted with it so far and almost two percent clicked through to the BMW website, upon which the video ad and content is paused while the viewer explores the interior and exterior of the new BMW 1 Series. The viewer can switch between images and locate a dealer all within the video window. Viewers have spent an average of two minutes each interacting with this ad unit and a total of 31.58 hours were spent on the ad from last Friday to Sunday alone. 

According to ComScore data from the US, AdHover advertisers found that “combining content with compelling information and unsurpassed scale leads to measurable success and on average a 200 percent lift in engagement rates and brand recall”.


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