TVCs of the Week: 8 July

Who it’s for: Electricity Authority by Y&R NZ and Robber’s Dog

Why we like it: serving as a reminder of what we sometimes have to endure to earn a few shiny coins, Y&R NZ’s first campaign for the Electricity Authority equates monetary value to the time spent in the workplace. Add to this the demonic stare of a pig-squeezing child and the spot certainly does enough to terrify viewers into switching energy companies.    

Who it’s for: Sky TV by DDB and The Sweet Shop

Why we like it: while there will always be something slightly disconcerting about an event that celebrates decades of hegemonic rule, this spot certainly taps into the competitive spirit that lies within the various sports on show.


Who it’s for: Steinlager by DDB and Robber’s Dog 

Why we like it: Steinlager serves up the Kiwi equivalent of the Red Bull Stratos campaign in this beautifully shot spot, which features free-diver William Trubridge entering an underwater abyss somewhere off the coast of the Bahamas. With a series of narrators sharing their doubts in the backdrop, Trubridge defies their logic, reason and rationality with every stroke that takes him a little deeper.     


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