TVCs of the week: 7 April

For healthiness and cleverness and more energy in your legs… Sugar Free, Gluten Free, Carb Free and Protein Rich which also helps make you stronger for longer throughout your day. Watch our fun new tvc and we’re sure you’ll agree … you can’t beat eggs for brekkie! Start your day off great and pop an egg on to your plate tomorrow morning – what’s your favourite way with eggs?

Posted by NZ Eggs on Saturday, 21 March 2015

Who’s it for: I Love Eggs NZ by Elevencom and Hyde Group  

Why we like it: although most of the production was done across the ditch, the spot takes a somewhat unconventional approach to marketing locally farmed produce. And while rhyming can at times be slightly annoying, an article by Steve Martin, co-author of Yes! 50 Secrets from the Science of Persuasion, explains that use of rhyme can help to make an advertisement more memorable. If this is true, then there’s no doubt that the egg industry will be hoping that shoppers mouth this tune as they walk down the fresh produce aisle at the grocery store.      

Who’s it for: Mytax.co.nz by Plato Creative and Ruffel Production    

Why we like it: the excessively energetic man in a blue suit returns to surprise forlorn Kiwis with a wad of anthropomorphic cash in the latest series of ads for MyTax.co.nz. While the ads are simple, the execution delivers a clear message and the smiling protagonist undoubtedly demands the attention of the viewer. Now, if only a wad of cash would walk into the StopPress office to surprise the team. 

Who’s it for: Newstalk ZB by NZME 

Why we like it: for the last ten years, Newstalk ZB has not released a TVC. However, the arrival of Paul Henry’s new cross-channel show in the morning slot has broken this trend, and the Newstalk ZB has now released a nicely shot spot that’s narrated by Mike Hosking. If anything, this spot serves as trailer to the ratings battle that will surely follow. 

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