TVCs of the Week: 5 March


Who’s it for: Air New Zealand by True and Exposure

Why we like it: For those who fly a bit, the themed safety videos can wear a bit thin eventually (we propose a new safety video every week to keep people interested). But Air New Zealand has a very good strike rate so far and, like most of its other efforts, the Bear Grylls version has proven very popular, with close to two million views in a week. Nicely shot by Kevin Denholm, a good tie-in to the airline’s DoC sponsorship and some quality moa violation in there too. 


Who’s it for: NZTA by Clemenger BBDO

Why we like it: Good to see a campaign trying to change driving behaviour with a different, more positive approach. And while the online execution is the piece de resistance, the TV spot visualises the concept they’re trying to push nicely. 



Who’s it for: VW by DDB NZ and Exit Films

Why we like it: VW is renowned for its creativity, so it wouldn’t be right if the brand simply stated the practical benefits of its range. Instead, it’s decided to show some other, more novel uses for its cars as part of a series of 15 second ads that will play before the weather on One News (check out the other spots here).  

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