TVCs of the Week: 30 July

Who’s it for: Audi by bcg2, Lee Howell and Simon Waterhouse

Why we like it: A very rare local production from the German automotive giant. And while the bespoke Greg Johnson song doesn’t float our boat, you can’t really go wrong with a combination of beautiful machines and beautiful scenery (although the Aussies take the best ‘Land of Quattro’ campaign prize with hacked quad-copters and a design-your-own TVC). 

Who’s it for: Warehouse Stationery by .99

Why we like it: It’s a tough gig trying to make stationery and office products exciting. But with the help of some purty colours and a bit of stop-motion, .99 has done a pretty good job of it. 

Who’s it for: Sony by Havas Worldwide and Finch

Why we like it: Shot by Kiwi Nic Finlayson for Sony’s new 4K TVs in Australia, this ad perfectly captures the joy of the new. 

Who’s it for: franco-Vietnamese Hospital by Phibious and The Sweet Shop 

Why we like it: Based around the real story of Dr Dai and featuring a voiceover from a woman who had her life saved at the hospital, this heart-string tugger of an ad that was shot by one half of the Mark & Louis duo, Mark Albiston, shows that ‘behind every hero are a thousand other heroes whose quiet contributions help make life-saving change possible’. 

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