TVCs of the Week: 3 September

Who’s it for: BNZ by Colenso BBDO and Revolver

Why we like it: Getting people interested in money—and, by extension, improving the nation’s financial astuteness—is a laudable goal, but a very tough sell. The big ‘Be Good with Money’ reveal was polarising (and strangely American). But this one takes a more localised approach and it does a good job of making money seem more personal by telling the story of a dollar. 

Who’s it for: New World by Colenso BBDO and Prodigy

Why we like it: The infomercial approach seems slightly contradictory to its premium positioning, but it’s an interesting, entertaining way to showcase the supermarket’s points of difference and a much better way of involving staff than getting them to play musical instruments made from vegetables.   

Who’s it for: Telecom by Saatchi & Saatchi and Thick as Thieves

Why we like it: It’s like the bastard child of Trigger Happy TV and Tango, and it’s a shift to the weird end of the spectrum when compared to the traditional Telecom fodder, but if there’s one thing we know, it’s that everyone loves watching unwitting bystanders get attacked by massive hands. 

Who’s it for: Peugeot by Red Bull and Ryan Heron

Why we like it: While the older folk who actually buy cars will probably cover the ears when they see this, it’s a beautiful piece of film. And if you’re a car company that’s trying to increase your cool factor, then Red Bull is a probably a good brand to be associated with. 

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