Doin’ it for the kids: Film Construction’s charitable cardboard art

Cure Kids’ Red Nose Day fundraising effort culminated in the 3.5 hour televised event Comedy for Cure Kids on TV3 on 23 August, which raised $1.4 million for child health research in New Zealand. And Film Construction played a big role, filming eight short, cardboard-heavy films for the broadcast. 

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The films are fronted by CureKids ambassador Jackson, who lives with a brain tumour. Playing the role of chief executive, he shows the inner-workings of the charity—volunteers fielding donation calls, a giant money collection room and research facilities. 

The set was designed and built by Oscar-winning production designer Grant Major and was made up of over 900 cardboard boxes, 100 metres of brown paper, over 100 cardboard tubes, 800 egg cartons and seven pieces of cardboard fake fruit. 

Directed by Michael Humphrey, the films are interspersed with interviews of CureKids researchers, CureKids ambassadors living with illness and the odd celebrity appearance. They explore the achievements of CureKids and how the donations go towards finding cures for many illnesses that affect New Zealand kids. 

The broadcast also featured a prank on a few new All Blacks that was shot by Helena Brooks of Flying Fish (it has well over 200,000 views) and Sarah Walker and Guy Williams violating some Wendy’s customers with the help of Jono & Ben. 

Client: CureKids

GM Marketing: Tessa Tierney

Executive Producer: Brooke Howard-Smith

Production Company: Film Construction

Director: Michael Humphrey

Producers: Andy Patrick & Greg Buckley

Production Designer: Grant Major

DOP: Rob Marsh

Colourist: Andrew Brown, Toybox

VFX: Huhu Studios

Sound Design: Hum Studios

Audio Mix: Factory Studios

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