TVCs of the Week: 29 July

Who’s it for: TV3 by the MediaWorks TV marketing and promotions teams

Why we like it: The success of The Block in previous seasons hinged largely on fans rooting for certain teams. So, when it came to unveiling the latest edition of the show, MediaWorks used a primetime TV slot on a Sunday night to give each of the four teams a quirky introduction.

Who’s it for: VW by Colenso BBDO and Finch

Why we like it:  In its first campaign since winning the VW account, Colenso uses a montage of crowd-sourced footage to consolidate the brand’s position as the people’s car. And looking at the footage, which features Kiwi families engaging with models across the VW range, it’s difficult to fathom how the brand was once considered too stuffy, too expensive and too European for the New Zealand market.

Who’s it for: Honda by Apropos and Assembly

Why we like it: Honda shows off its Jazz colour range in a punchy spot that was produced specifically for the Kiwi market. And given that the company has recently partnered with MediaWorks for The Block, we’re sure to see more of these hues in the coming months.

Who’s it for: Lotto NZ by DDB and Finch

Why we like it: Winning doesn’t always take a monetary form. Sometimes, it’s delivered to your desk as a box of kittens. And while a simple scratch may not really turn your workload into kittens, Lotto NZ’s latest spot uses this as a quirky premise to show that bit of finger-motion could lead to a shed load of cash.

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