TVCs of the Week: 28 August’s it for: Tourism New Zealand by TBWA\ and Curious

Why we like it: There were some nerves about the potential cringeworthiness of a 100% Middle-earth campaign. But thankfully it’s a fairly subtle connection between the film and the country. And hot damn New Zealand be lookin’ fine.’s it for: Unitec by Special Group and 8com

Why we like it: More like a rap video than academic marketing, and that’s why it stands out. Nice to see Auckland’s improving urban environment getting a pat on the back too (here’s a behind the scenes vid).’s it for: AUT University by Consortium, Miles Murphy and Toybox

Why we like it: Focusing on what’s cooking in the labs is a more traditional academic approach, but it’s nicely made and, given the fairly impressive research it’s showcasing, it does its job of showing a university coming of age.’s it for: Lotto by DDB and Exit Films

Why we like it: It’s not the first time Lotto has focused on the joy of Saturdays (remember this classic). But it still works and this little slice of New Zealand life marks a nice change from the OTT glitz and glamour of recent campaigns.

Who’s it for: Telecom by Saatchi & Saatchi and Robber’s Dog 

Why we like it: While going to dad’s office as a young’un was always pretty awesome, listening to him talk business wasn’t. Good to see everyone in the ad is on a phone.

Who’s it for: Pak ‘n’ Save by DraftFCB

Why we like it: These sexy cuts o’ meat are single and ready to mingle. Vegetarians need not apply (meat lovers can see a couple more in the series here). 

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