TVCs of the Week: 27 August

Who’s it for: NZI by DraftFCB and Assembly

Why we like it: An interesting spin on the classic insurance theme of ‘shit happens’ and some world-class animation to show the cursed chair wreaking havoc on Port Avon. 

Who’s it for: Powershop by DoubleFish and Prodigy

Why we like it: It’s received a bit of grief for inappropriate timing, given the current issues in Syria and Egypt, but waiting for world peace before you release a satirical campaign about a power-hungry dictator to avoid causing offense isn’t really tenable. A nice audio-visual continuation of its ‘Same power, different attitude’ outdoor campaign, very well made and, as expected, completely unlike anything else in the category. 

Who’s it for: NZTA by Clemenger BBDO and Curious

Why we like it: Rather than beat people over the head with information and warnings they probably won’t take notice of, NZTA used humour to get people to recognise themselves as drug drivers—and to recognise that it’s dangerous behaviour. 

Who’s it for: AIG by Augusto

Why we like it: A nice behind-the-scenes look at how the All Blacks machine works—and where AIG sees itself fitting in to it. 

Who’s it for: Tasti by Contagion and Watermark

Why we like it: It’s completely over-the-top—and openly so. The kitsch value is high in this one.  

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