Shameless Twerking eyeball grabbing – would you do it?

In the wonderful world of the Onion.com, CNN.com’s managing editor was apparently telling it like it is – Miley Cyrus’ outrageous twerking performance at yesterday’s Video Music Awards, complete with Robin Thicke and a nude-hued bikini, was the top story because it would drive up their web traffic.

We’re sure that’s what she would have said, anyway. Has grabbing eyeballs and making stories viral come to this? Frankly, yes.

According to AdWeek, the performance netted 10 million viewers for the VMAs. We have to face facts that Twerking is cool and maybe even a necessary part of your next ad if you want to get viewers

Here’s some handy added value – learn how to Twerk, courtesy of Howcast.

And here’s Miley Twerking on famous artworks.

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