TVCs of the Week: 26 February




Who’s it for: NZ Pork by Ogilvy and Curious

Why we like it: The pig is a wonderful, magical animal, but there are some engrained perceptions about ‘the other white meat‘ and imported swine is common in New Zealand. Enter this series of three ads that do a good job of putting local pig back in the picture. 


Who’s it for: Southern Cross by Barnes, Catmur & Friends and 8com. 

Why we like it: There’s a dollop of cheese with the escaped lion and the main character’s various pratfalls, but for an ad with a sports star in an acting role, it’s pretty good. Plus, it’s actually trying to do some good by prompting people to take practical steps to improve their health. 

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6wWE1vIU-AWho’s it for: Sorted by GSL Network, Doublefish, 8com and Yukfoo. 

Why we like it: Seeing a mouse in a shop would usually be cause for concern. But New Zealand has become familiar with this particular—and quite helpful—rodent. And while it’s tough to fight against the many providers of credit, it’s closed the loop of the Think, Shrink, Grow campaign and aims to promote positive change.  

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