Getting better work stories: Clewett and Cunnington star in new pro-marketing campaign

Last year, when Lindsey Redding passed away, one of the posts he had written called a ‘A Short Lesson in Perspective‘ started circulating again. In it, he concluded that life in this industry didn’t really pass his ‘overnight test’ and that those sitting in “a darkened studio or edit suite agonising over whether housewife A should pick up the soap powder with her left hand or her right” should do themselves a favour and go home to see their family. There’s no doubt this profession is a demanding one—and it seems to be becoming more demanding by the day—but it’s also got plenty going for it and, in a new video series aimed at promoting the industry, the Marketing Association has decided to get some of those positives from experienced campaigners. 

“As part of our online content push the MA teamed up with 90seconds.TV and we’re currently working on project/campaign designed to show that working in marketing is anything but boring,” says the MA’s digital marketing executive Jake Davy. “To do this we are creating a series of videos that explore various roles throughout the industry by interviewing a range of very prominent and successful people who hold those positions.” 

The videos—first up are DraftFCB’s executive creative director Tony Clewett and ANZ’s head of marketing Mike Cunnington—delve into the subject’s career paths, focusing on key turning points and notable highlights, and offer advice for those who are eyeing up these roles.

“When coming up with the concept we were determined to move away from the standard ‘talking head’ interview style and create videos that appealed to our creative audience as well as young people looking at entering the industry,” says Davy. “The 90seconds team did a fantastic job and shot these videos in a way that we feel achieves this.” 

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VddSwM7R-g0In Clewett’s video, ‘Flogging Fridges and Saving Lives’, he talks about his journey from the high school art room to the Cannes Lions judging table, along with dogs driving cars, restaurants up trees, winning and judging awards, as well as those special campaigns that actually have the power to change lives. 

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KfCruQGkx00And Cunnington’s video, ‘Burn Your Five Year Plan’, details a career path that’s seen him working across many facets of the industry, from his early days when he helped the UK Labour Party win their first Election in 17 years, to running an ad agency, to now tackling the highly-publicised ANZ / National Bank merger.

Davy says three videos have been shot so far (another one based on Sally Carey from Datamine should be live later in the week) and in addition to these we are looking at making nine more, “but this number may grow depending on how they go” and it is also exploring the idea of cutting several more videos that explore different topics as a broad range of questions were asked when they were originally shot.


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