TVCs of the Week: 25 February

Who’s it for: Holden by Ogilvy and Flying Fish

Why we like it: Holden’s taken a bit more of a creative approach of late, and this new campaign, which asks Kiwis to upload a video explaining why they deserve a chance to do a hot lap with Greg Murphy while trying to keep their heart rate down, continues that trend. A nice idea to get people interested—and to get them to a website to check out the beast. 

Who’s it for: Vodafone by DraftFCB and Plaza

Why we like it: In an age of instant gratification, there’s nothing worse than catching up to the loading bar on YouTube as you’re trying to impress your guests with the latest cat video—or, in the case of James Rolleston, period drama promo. 

Who’s it for: Hallensteins Bros. by Lachlan MacPherson and Friends

Why we like it: Continuing on from last year’s trippy Ekocycle spot, Hallensteins Bros continues to up the cool factor with some more kaleidoscopic action (and it’s also started sponsoring Jono and Ben at Ten). Extra points for the flying dog at the end. And speaking of flying pets … 

Who’s it for: Whittaker’s by Assignment and Ro Tierney

Why we like it: The Whittaker’s chocolate website was a joy to behold. And so is this clip showing the creation of a chocolate portrait with Sante Bars. Looking forward to the Toffee Milk musical project. 

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