TVCs of the Week: 24 November

Who’s it for: New World by .99 and Flying Fish

Why we like it: New World has brought back Noel for another round of raising shoppers’ suspicions as to whether he is in fact Santa Claus. This slightly quirkier take on festive advertising also gets bonus points for providing a perfect solution to escaping the heat on those hot summer days. As it turns out, the answer lies in the fridges of the frozen foods aisle.     

And the winner of the 1987 Mitsubishi Mirage (and tickets to ad:tech Sydney) is… Phil Shacklady from ANZ New Zealand! Congratulations Phil! Check out the third and final instalment of the footage from ad:tech 1987 – Matt goes into the future! #adtechnz #NZME #Mirage #Winning

Posted by NZME. Advertising on Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Who’s it for: NZME by NZME Vision

Why we like it: NZME concluded its outrageous promotion of the ad:tech event by sending Matt Heath on a journey into an almost accurate vision of the future. In the usually dry world of tech event sponsorship, the NZME quartet illustrated that panel discussions don’t necessarily have to be boring. And given that NZME has just launched a new content offering, we can expect to see more from the likes of Matt Heath and Jeremy Wells—alongside several others—over the next few months.        

Who’s it for: Positively Wellington Tourism by WhybinTBWA Sydney

Why we like it: While not a TVC, this nicely shot Positively Wellington Tourism campaign takes the focus off New Zealand’s rolling hills and Hobbit landscapes to show the country also has urban charm for those looking for bit of city living during their holidays.  


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