Great, greater or the greatest?

Honda’s new demo video by RPA combines three different stories to show off the Civic’s features. Each one follows the same series of events, a man picking up a woman for their first date, but as it unfolds the viewer has control of how the date is going. Will he greet her with a high-five or some flowers? You decide.

In all versions the Civic’s features are on display, including the stereo. When he cracks up the music in the “great” date his companion shares a smile, in the “greater” date the pair bop their heads and in the “greatest” date a man appears in the back seat to give a live performance.

Online demo videos are a valuable tool for someone who wants to check out a car’s specs and in all of the date scenarios the car seemed to be performing at its greatest. Jason Sperling, executive creative director at RPA, told AdFreak “up to now, it’s all followed a similar formula. By creating a unique piece of entertaining content that invites deeper levels of interaction, it makes it more than just a utilitarian tool for a select few. It makes it memorable, shareable and a worthwhile piece of content”.

Below are Honda’s beautiful “Happy Honda Days” television ads. Also by RPM.

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