TVCs of the Week: 24 February

Who’s it for: Hallensteins by Lachlan McPherson and Friends and Perceptual Engineering

Why we like it: Hallensteins has made a habit of filming its ads overseas, and, judging by its sales results, it seems to be working. While this isn’t quite as enthralling as the last one shot on the Bonneville Salt flats, you can’t lose with a bit of Cuban exoticism. And the revolutionary aspects of the country’s history tie-in nicely to its brand of ‘brothers’. 

Who’s it for: Warriors by Special Group and 8com. 

Why we like it: The ‘fans staring seriously at the camera while reciting an earnest poem about their team/sport’ is fairly common, some might even say a bit cliched (ANZ is currently slamming it in our faces with its ‘Dream Big’ campaign). But the fans seem to love this one. And that’s the important bit. 

Who’s it for: Neon by DDB 

Why we like it: Emotion generally tops rationality in advertising, as this clever piss-take shows. And unlike Lightbox, which took the ‘look at all our shows’ approach (and in a similar fashion to its Murmuration spot last year), Sky has gone with a more abstract idea to promote the launch of its SVOD service Neon. Given some of the reviews it has received so far, let’s hope this doesn’t fall into the ‘good advertising making a bad product fail faster’ category. Although with Sky still raking in the profits from existing subscribers, it can probably afford to join what chief executive John Fellet called a ‘suicide pact’

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