TVCs of the Week: 22 July

Who’s it for: Skinny by DNA, The Collective and Yukfoo

Why we like it: Skinny is basically a cheaper version of Telecom, so it’s a pretty good proposition, but it’s been fairly schizophrenic in its approach since launch and has struggled to get its core benefits across. This simple, direct animated spot manages to do that—and give Vodafone a nudge at the same time. 

Who’s it for: TVNZ by Blacksand

Why we like it: Despite an Aussie delay causing some programming issues in this market, this spot voiced by the very funny Millen Baird continues on from where the launch ad left off with a bit of self-referential cheese and gratuitous smell the fart acting.  

Who’s it for: James Hardie by Federation and Waxeye

Why we like it: Transformers are so hot right now. So what better way to promote the durability of James Hardie’s Linea weatherboards than with a shape-shifting dwelling. 

Who’s it for: Red Bull 

Why we like it: We need a Kiwi connection before a video features in this section and while there were no Kiwi agencies involved, we’ve found a loophole, because three Kiwi athletes were. 

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