TVCs of the Week: 20 May

Who’s it for: Vodafone by FCB and Robber’s Dog

Why we like it: Fear of missing out is a powerful—some would say harmful—cultural force. And Vodafone’s showing what it’s like to be on the outer with its latest, (former) star-studded and well-made spot for Super Net (given that fashion is often circular—and, in the case of Normcore, rather ironic—it wouldn’t be too surprising to see the bowl cut actually become cool again). 

Who’s it for: Rebel Sport by Ogilvy and The Sweet Shop

Why we like it: While the poem is certainly no Shakespearean sonnet and may lead to a small amount of toe curling, it’s expertly and evocatively shot to show a selection of sporting masochists embracing winter. So points to Rebel Sport for being a retailer that continues to back up its nuts and bolts sales messages with some branding activity.  

Who’s it for: McDonald’s by DDB

Why we like it: As Richard Buckminster Fuller said, “integrity is the essence of everything successful”. He probably wasn’t thinking about McDonald’s when he said it, but the ‘Our Food, Your Questions‘ campaign shows the brand has enough confidence in its products and processes to stand up to the numerous myths and legends. 

Who’s it for: Rinnai by Logan Brooke Communications

Why we like it: A nice combination of playing up the benefits of the product while pointing out a weakness of the competition. And extra points for splitting the ad into small chunks to play across a whole ad break (hence the gaps). 

Who’s it for: Samsung by CHI & Partners and Park Pictures

Why we like it: Aside from the fact that it was directed by Kiwi lad Nathan Price and shot in New Zealand with 350 cast and extras, it does its job and shows the immersive qualities of the curved TV (here’s an explanation of the tech). Plus, it’s got a shot of a soggy biscuit. 

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