TVCs of the Week: 2 April


Who’s it for: Toyota by Saatchi & Saatchi and Thick as Thieves

Why we like it: Like a family-friendly version of The Hangover, this OTT (b)road trip shows the exact opposite of what happens when sensible folk buy sensible cars. 


Who’s it for: Mercury by TBWA\ and Assembly

Why we like it: Given the amount of customer data power companies have at their fingertips, products like Mercury’s Good Energy Monitor are well-overdue. And showing how hard it is to buy something without a price is a nice way of highlighting how bad the process currently is—and how the product might help customers manage their energy use. 


Who’s it for: GE Money by Shine and 8com

Why we like it: While we don’t like the exorbitant interest rates (and particularly the way many personal loan providers seem to shield those rates from customers), there are plenty of financial shocks in this simple, one-word campaign that potential customers will be able to relate to. 

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