TVCs of the Week: 19 November

Who’s it for: Pump by Saatchi & Saatchi and Sparks

Why we like it: The fact that humans buy bottled water, especially in a country like New Zealand, could be seen as a sad indictment on humanity (although marketers tend to see it as an example of their tremendous persuasive skill). But product gripes aside, getting real people to provide their own footage and splicing it together works well, just as it did for the recent Sainsbury’s Christmas commercial.

Who’s it for: Castrol by Ogilvy Singapore and Cirkus

Why we like it: A whole heap of gratuitous revving mixed with some impressive animation from Cirkus, which is doing quite a lot of work in Asia at the moment (here’s the making of). 

Who’s it for: Kiwibank by Assignment and Spooky Pictures 

Why we like it: Westpac decided to have a bit of a laff with some of its ads. And while Kiwibank got serious for its ‘Every revolution needs a leader’ campaign, it’s reverted to type with this novel take on the ‘housing crisis’. 

Who’s it for: Safe.org.nz by Goodlife

Why we like it: It worked for the dolphin project, and the celebrities in black and white approach works here too.  

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