TVCs of the week: 16 June

Who it’s for: Kleenex by Ogilvy & Mather

Why we like it: The team at Kleenex continues to take the honesty a few steps too far in the latest edition of its ongoing bid to educate Kiwis on the advantages of using its wet and dry wipes in conjunction with each other. The latest spot, again fronted by comedian Madeleine Sami, delivers an impressive assortment of bum puns via a quirky poem that essentially comes across like a salute to the rectum. And at a time when many advertisers still talk around the topic when they’re advertising toilet paper, tampons and erectile dysfunction meds, this spot definitely gets bonus points for being straightforward.      

Who it’s for: McDonald’s by DDB and Thick as Thieves 

Why we like it: McDonald’s has taken a break from trumpeting the affordability of its Big Mac combo meals to focus on the little things. And in this case all the emphasis is being placed on the allegedly limitless potential of the Big Mac sauce to make almost everything taste better. This certainly is a bold claim, but the distribution of little tubs of the sauce will give McDonald’s customers the means to experiment. However, as things stand, the jury’s still out on whether the Big Mac sauce can be used as a viable substitute for chocolate bodypaint (none of the StopPress journalists have the necessary constitution to investigate this further).

Who it’s for: Red Bull 

Why we like it: Red Bull has made an attempt to win the hearts of Warriors fans by customising the design emblazoned on the blue and silver cans in this market. And to announce this collaborative branding effort, the company released a sombre video featuring players talking about how they came to be part of the team. And while the ad treads familiar ground in revisiting the ideas of fan loyalty and respect for the jersey, it will no doubt resonate with the fans that make their way to Mount Smart Stadium regardless of the weather or how the team is doing.  

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