TVCs of the week: 12 August

Who it’s for: Holden by Ogilvy and Exit Films

Why we like it: a few weeks after VW celebrated its 60th anniversary with a crowd-sourced spot voiced over by Roger MacDonnell, Holden has now also kicked off its 60th birthday party with a one-minute spot that features a range of stories through the ages with its brand as the protagonist in each segment. And while the spot treads familiar ground by featuring an old timer reflecting on how things have changed, slick cinematography and strong writing make it an enjoyable watch.         

Who it’s for: Spark by Saatchi & Saatchi NZ and Goodoil

Why we like it: There was a lot of pressure on Spark to introduce its brand not only as something discrete from what it was before but also as something that stood out in a competitive market. And although there was always going to be negative feedback about the marketing efforts of a corporate juggernaut, the first spot under the new banner made the point that things were going to be different now—whether Spark lives up to that promise is yet to be seen.         

Who’s it for: FCB by FCB

Why we like it: while it won’t go down as the greatest ad ever made, FCB’s latest self-promotional push, featuring a bizarre reggae-rapping sheep undergoing a period of change, definitely caught the attention of those in the industry. And as testament to the catchiness of the song, at least one StopPress staff member has admitted to singing, “oooh it feel good when you do dat, do dat. Oooh it feel good when you shear dat, shear dat.”  

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