TVCs of the Week: 11 June

Who's it for: Westpac by DDB NZ and Prodigy

Why we like it: Almost like a more mundane version of Edward Scissorhands, Westpac continues to try and make bank ads entertaining. And so far it's succeeded. Extra points for the business name, Wayne's Weld. 

Who's it for: 2degrees by TBWA\

Why we like it: Despite our oft-times fractious relationship with the Aussies, we are similar in many ways, as this ad shows. Although that doesn't mean 2degrees shies away from giving them some stick for trying to claim our greatest achievements with a fast-paced disclaimer at the end. 

Who's it for: Instant Kiwi by DDB NZ and Luscious

Why we like it: Nothing like a bit of advertising vérité to sell a few scratchies. Gotta love the enthusiasm of the besuited gentleman being exchanged for fear as he sprints towards the unknown. 

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