TVCs of the Week: 10 September

Who’s it for: NZ Lotteries by DDB and Luscious

Why we like it: The second a third episodes of this Instant Kiwi campaign series carry on the tradition of giving Kiwis the sense that they could be an instant winner of large sums of cash, but the behind the scenes concept is a fresh take. It adds a reality TV type experience, and the Texas Hold ’em episode keeps the brand’s trademark idea of spontaneous fun.

Who’s it for: Positively Wellington Tourism by Clemenger BBDO, Touch/Cast and OMD

Why we like it: Wellington’s a tough tourism sell, especially when you’re pitching it to Kiwis who have arrived on a turbulent flight or been blown about in freezing wind there. But showing, as the campaign says, Any Day is a Good Day in Wellington, was cleverly achieved by filming seven TVCs in seven days and airing them the same day. The campaign also picked out some great locations like Garage Project, Moore Wilson’s and Oriental Bay.

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