TVCs of the week: 1 September

Who it’s for: Burger King by Y&R NZ and Flying Fish

Why we like it: The team at Y&R NZ has developed a brilliant concept for a good cause that could potentially see two of the biggest burger brands in the world setting aside their differences to create a fusion food that will be difficult to match. The campaign has already been picked up by various international news outlets, and this interest is only likely to increase as the story unfolds in the lead up to Peace Day on 21 September.      

Who it’s for: New Zealand Fire Service by FCB and Finch

Why we like it: The New Zealand Fire Service once again shows the importance of a fire alarm by comparing it to human voice that implores housemates and family members to wake up. The ad plays on the natural desire of people to help each other and also touches on the guilt that could potentially accompany the grim consequences of not replacing the batteries in a fire alarm.  


Who it’s for: Icebreaker by Icebreaker’s in-house team

Why we like it: Over the course of a minute, Icebreaker makes the point that it sells a lifestyle rather than clothing. By contrasting the limitations of city life with the thrill of the outdoors, Icebreaker makes the point that its range is associated with freedom. Stunning shots of people running through the snow, skiing, doing backflips and soaring over mountain tops serve to remind the viewer that sitting in front of a computer screen simply hasn’t been wired into the wild DNA that we’ve inherited through evolution.        

Who it’s for: James & Wells by Toybox

Why we like it: Lawyers aren’t exactly renowned for taking creative risks. The nature of their industry often demands a serious tone. So, with this in mind, Toybox certainly earns some bonus points for the degree of difficulty associated with getting this quirky spot across the approval line. And while the smorgasbord of Kiwi references have been used before, the clever animation in the video makes it a visual treat.   

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