TVCs of the Week: 11 November

Who it’s for: McDonald’s by DDB

Why we like it: By presenting a set of unfortunate first world problems in its new spot, McDonald’s aims to draw attention to the benefits of not having to leave the car to get a cup of early morning coffee. While each of the scenes are humorous in their own right, the clip of the tow truck driver popping a chewing gum bubble steals the show.

Who’s it for: McDonald’s by DDB

Why we like it: While the drive thru coffee is an attempt to find new revenue streams, Macca’s is also keen on rejuvenating old revenue streams, so it’s brought back the Kiwiburger and it’s promoting it with a ridiculous ad featuring an ingredients reunion. And there’s always got to be a bad boy.      

Who it’s for: Adidas by Augusto

Why we like it: For the release of what has been dubbed the blackest All Blacks jersey ever, Adidas has released a spot that seems to borrow from horror movie trailers by featuring shadowy figures on screen while an omniscient narrator delivers a creepy speech about what is about to arrive.                

Who it’s for: New Zealand Defence Force by Saatchi & Saatchi and Gorgeous Films

Why we like it: in recent years, the NZDF has been receiving applications from young Kiwis who, despite their eagerness to join the force, simply do not meet the fitness requirements. So, in an effort to overcome this problem, the organisation launched a fitness app and promoted it via this quirky video that features a band of military types surprising a few Kiwi joggers.     


Who it’s for: Bonds by Clemenger BBDO Melbourne and the Sweet Shop

Why we like it: Kiwi director Campbell Cooper puts his creative touch on this nicely shot spot that features ridiculously good looking people swinging in hoops, back-flipping on a levitating trampoline and generally just having a good time in their undies.    

Who’s it for: Nimble by McCann Melbourne and Curious 

Why we like it: We’re suckers for Taika Waititi’s work, preposterous mascots and ads that make fun of selfie takers, so this is a triple treat. 

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