TVCs of the Week: 1 April

Who’s it for: Sky Next by DDB and the Sweet Shop

Why we like it: A good scheme for Sky to start up, and a very good spot to promote it. 

Who’s it for: Pak ‘n Save by DraftFCB

Why we like it: After the issues faced by its main rival Progressive Enterprises, Foodstuffs started beating a more patriotic drum. And, as per usual, Stickman has done that in rather entertaining fashion by coming up with his own inspired flag design. 

Who’s it for: Starship Big Egg Hunt by Republik and Flux

Why we like it: Why this initiative needs two separate ads, we’re not sure, but this nicely animated spot shows very clearly—and quite loudly—that ‘the big eggs have arrived’. Extra points for the impressive poultry impersonation from Richard Simpson. 

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