TVCs of the Week: 24 June

Who’s it for: Health Promotion Agency by GSL Promotus and Curious Film

​Why we like it: Giving the cancer sticks a suitably creepy face isn’t an easy task, but the team at GSL Promotus have created something delightfully horrifying in the sniggering, stain-covered, cigarette man. Click here to see the other four spots in this series. 

Who’s it for: Sky TV by DDB and Spritz

Why we like it: When Sky TV announced its partnership with Spritz, many were left scratching their heads as to how the speed-reading technology could be incorporated on television. And while there was almost certainly a fair amount of head scratching around the DDB offices as well, it didn’t take the agency long to come up with the idea to condense the entire backstory of True Blood into a 30-second TVC.

Who’s it for: Les Mills by String Theory and Assembly

Why we like it: Rather than focusing on repetitive exercises that could easily be compared to running in a hamster wheel, Les Mills and String Theory have created a sci-fi-inspired spot that aims to introduce the thrilling benefits of the gym’s immersive fitness offering. The only thing that’s slightly disconcerting about this spot is the thought of being chased by Predator-like creatures.

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