Colons teased for cereal launch

POO_CHARTIt’s not too often you see the words colon, poo and bowel-movements on a press package. And it’s particularly rare when that press package relates to a new breakfast cereal.

But World’s Best Cereal, which was created by naturopath and chiropractor Dr Damian Kristof, he of ‘Downsize Me’ TV fame, is trying to position itself as a bona fide health product that’s capable of making you “smile from the inside out” (which is a slightly disconcerting image).

Some of the info seems to be better suited to the pharmacy or a visit to the doctor than the supermarket or the breakfast table, so maybe they’re on the right track. Along with a press release and a ‘colon tease pack’ (also slightly disconcerting) of the good stuff, there was also a ‘poo chart’, which runs, ahem, through the different shapes and consistencies that might be emanating from your digestive depths. It also tells you how to address your faecal issues and, unsurprisingly, the answer is to eat the simple, healthy, gluten-free cereal.

Screen shot 2009-12-15 at 5.06.42 PM

If you’ve got a type 1 or type 7 stool, however, whipping those turds into shape with the help of these simple seeds and grains will be a fairly expensive exercise: a 700g bag retails for $30. But apparently your smiling bowel and grinning colon will love you for it.

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